A Passion for Justice

Why do I call my law practice Pamela B. Stuart, Attorney & Counsellor at Law? My New York Bar certificate admitted me to practice as both an attorney (one who goes to court) and counsellor (one who provides legal advice in the office). As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, I am at home in the courtroom, and I draw upon the skills of a seasoned trial attorney in conducting business litigation. I also analyze and solve the complex legal problems my clients present to me in consultations in a traditional office setting. When you have a legal problem and want it analyzed and resolved by an award-winning, experienced advocate, contact me.

I am not a narrow specialist in just one subject or in just one jurisdiction. I am admitted to the local and most federal courts in DC, Florida, Maryland, New York and Virginia. With over 35 years in practice, I have developed many areas of specialized expertise.

I began doing trust and estate work in the 1990's and have made estate planning, administration, and litigation a cornerstone of my practice. I focus on assisting high net worth families and individuals for whom I craft a plan for the transfer of wealth and business control from one generation to the next. I also will provide assistance in guiding a family that is implementing a trust or navigating the probate process in and outside of court when a loved one passes away.

As a former federal prosecutor who handled both U.S. and international cases, I am frequently called upon for commercial and business litigation services. I am consulted by those under investigation by government agencies and law enforcement or those with extradition or Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or diplomatic immunity issues. I have directed internal corporate investigations prompted by a grand jury subpoena and responses to search warrants. I represented a whistle blower in a False Claims Act/Qui Tam action against one of the world’s largest defense contractors. Before starting my own law practice, I practiced law at the Federal Trade Commission, as an assistant United States attorney for the District of Columbia, as a trial attorney at the Office of International Affairs in the Criminal Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, and with two law firms. So, if you have a dispute involving a government agency, contact me.

My clients are diverse. I worked as a research assistant with the late Supreme Court Justice Arthur J. Goldberg on an issue he had involving his liability as a corporate director in the 1970's. My advice to him caused him to resign from the Board of Directors of a major airline and led to the introduction of director and officer liability insurance. I represented a U.S. Senator in a Congressional ethics investigation. I have represented clients on both the House and Senate sides of the U.S. Capitol. I have represented CEO’s and a CFO – sometimes in “bet the company” cases. Government employees and government contractors in the Intelligence Community have sought my assistance in “bet your career” security clearance matters. I have represented fathers in child custody matters. If your legal issue is important to you, contact me for advice and counsel.

I have appeared as a legal analyst on programs on CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and Fox News. While I discussed a wide variety of legal issues on television, take a look at the practice areas for services I offer to clients.

I believe that people with serious legal problems are best served by a one to one relationship with their lawyer. When you hire me, you get my counsel and experience. I will do the work rather than assigning it to less experienced associates. If your case requires additional resources, I may draw upon the lawyers at Simon & Partners, LLP, a firm with offices in New York and Washington, DC, to which I am counsel.

I pledge my best efforts and personalized service toward the achievement of your goals if you become my client. Contact me to schedule a consultation on your legal issues.